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American Foundationfor the Blind

Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss

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Video description (sometimes called "audio description" or simply "description") makes television programs and movies accessible for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Short verbal descriptions of action or key visual scenes in a program, such as the setting, costumes, and facial expressions, are provided to add context. The descriptions are inserted into pauses within a program's dialogue. Video description helps people who are blind or visually impaired to gain more complete access to the content of TV programs and movies and thereby more fully participate in society.

The American Council of the Blind has set up a very informative web page on description at www.acb.org/adp . This page includes information about many aspects of description including television, movies, and other content.

Total Movie Progress: NaN %

Quick Keys: Play/Pause (ALT-SHIFT-P) Stop (ALT-SHIFT-X)Forward (ALT-SHIFT-W)Rewind (ALT-SHIFT-Q) Full Screen (ALT-SHIFT-F-ENTER) Closed Captions if available (ALT-SHIFT-C)

This American Foundation for the Blind Accessible Video Player ™ was created by AFB Copyright © 2015.

Jeff Corwin: Hey there. I'm Jeff Corwin. So you can enjoy the full TV experience, many shows now provide video description. Many people who are blind or have difficulty understanding visual cues find video description helpful. Description is available through your TV set-up menu.

Jeff Corwin:

Watch this:

Female narrator's voice: Jeff swims among the fish and kelp in deep water. He points out a flower shape.

Female narrator's voice:

Jeff: There are its tentacles, and there's its mouth.

Male narrator's voice: For more information, visit afb.org.

Male narrator's voice:

This PSA was produced pro bono by Litton Entertainment with support from Bridge Multimedia.

Download the American Foundation for the Blind Accessible Video Player, Version 1.1

We hope you’ve found this information helpful. Please consider making a donation today to support our free information, programs, and research.

Video Description

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Devin Coldewey @techcrunch /

In a sickening concession to bad copyright law and Kate Spade New York Platform Suede Sandals free shipping original 2014 newest online order sale online discount tumblr DM9PC
bottom line over basic technical truths and common sense, Eric Lundgren will spend 15 months in prison for selling discs that let people reinstall Windows on licensed machines. A federal appeals court this week upheld the sentence handed down in ignorance by a Florida district judge, for a crime the man never committed.

Now, to be clear, Lundgren did commit a crime, and admitted as much — but not the crime he was convicted for, the crime Microsoft alleges he did, the crime that carries a year-plus prison term. Here’s what happened.

In 2012 feds seized a shipment of discs, which they determined were counterfeit copies of Windows, heading to the U.S., where they were to be sold to retailers by Lundgren. U.S. Prosecutors, backed by Microsoft’s experts, put him on the hook for about $8.3 million — the retail price of Windows multiplied by the number of discs seized.

The only problem with that was that these weren’t counterfeit copies of Windows, and they were worth almost nothing. The confusion is understandable — here’s why.

When you buy a computer, baked into the cost of that computer is usually a license for the software on it — for instance, Windows. And included with that computer is often a disc that, should you have to reinstall that OS for whatever reason (virus infection, general slowdown), allows you to do so. This installation only works, of course, if you feed it your license key, which you’ll probably find on a sticker attached to your computer, its “Certificate of Authenticity.”

But what if you lose that disc? Fortunately, all those years Microsoft itself provided disc images, files that you could use to burn a new copy of the disc at no cost. Acne Studios Platform LaceUp Boots free shipping 2014 unisex clearance for sale new arrival sale online sale amazon KQIqYZh4A9
, and you used to be able to get one without a license key. In fact that’s how many Windows installs were created — buy a license key directly from Microsoft or some reseller, then download and burn the install disc yourself.

Of course, if you don’t have a DVD burner (remember, this was a while back — these days you’d use a USB drive), you’d have to get one from a friend who has one, a licensed refurbisher, or your manufacturer (for instance, Dell or Lenovo) for a fee.

This option is still available, and very handy — I’ve used it many times.

What Lundgren did was have thousands of these recovery discs printed so that repair and refurbishing shops could sell them for cheap to anyone who can’t make their own. No need to go call Alienware customer service, just go to a computer store and grab a disc for a couple bucks.

Lundgren, by the way, is not some scammer looking to fleece a few people and make a quick buck. He has been a major figure on the e-waste scene, working to minimize the toxic wages of planned obsolescence and running a company of 100 to responsibly refurbish or recycle old computers and other devices.

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DAVID E. TRACHTENBARG, M.D., and THOMAS B. GOLEMON, M.D., University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria and Methodist Medical Center Family Practice Center, Peoria, Illinois

Am Fam Physician. 1998May15;57(10):2383-2390.

See related patient information handout on for sale buy authentic online websites Maryam Nassir Zadeh Roberta Embossed Pumps cheap footaction sale clearance clearance for sale xG7fW
, written by the authors of this article.

This is the second part of a two-part article on office care of premature infants. LAMB Leather Platform Sandals cheap price original HIsXoxe
, appeared in the last issue (Am Fam Physician 1998;57:2123–30)

Article Sections

Medical problems associated with prematurity are frequently complex, and a multidisciplinary approach is often required. Some common problems include the following: (1) anemia, which can be reduced by iron supplementation, (2) cerebral palsy or mental retardation as a result of intraventricular hemorrhage or periventricular leukomalacia, (3) respiratory problems, including bronchopulmonary dysplasia and apnea, (4) visual problems, such as those associated with retinopathy of prematurity, (5) gastroesophageal reflux and (6) surgical problems, including inguinal or umbilical hernia and cryptorchidism. Monitoring of growth and development includes recording the infant's head circumference, weight and length on a growth chart for premature infants. Nutritional status should be assessed at each visit, watching for hyperosmolar problems in infants receiving high-calorie formulas. Consultation with other specialists may be required if abnormalities are identified during follow-up care in the office.

Advancements in the care of premature infants have led to increased survival of these infants, and family physicians frequently provide care to these infants following their discharge from the hospital. Premature infants present many challenges to the family physician. Medical problems originating in the initial weeks of life may require care for months or years. Other conditions may manifest clinically later in infancy or in childhood, necessitating an attitude of continual alertness and attentiveness on the part of the physician. A summary of recommendations for office care is given in Table 1 .

View/Print Table

WIC = Women, Infants and Children's Program .

Abnormalities found on screening frequently require consultation with other specialists. Coordination of health care for timely intervention and follow-up is an important role for the family physician, who also must be sensitive to issues of parental support and cost containment. This second part of a two-part article reviews some of the most common medical and surgical problems encountered during the office care of infants born prematurely.

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